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NUP needs to work harder – Frank Gashumba

Frank Gashumba (Courtesy Photo)

Sisimuka Uganda Director Frank Gashumba has told the National Unity Platform political party to do more work because the nation and people expect a lot more from them.

The vocal government critic made the remarks while appearing on NBS Television’s Barometer, a political analysis show.

He said that the members of opposition especially the National Unity Platform that have been elected in leadership positions especially the need to find out what the people need most and work to fulfill it.

He expressed his disappointment at the fights and friction between members of the opposition that he says the entire nation expects them to work together for the good of the nation.

He called them on to be united to work towards the good of the country and not just sit back and oppose everything simply because they belong to the opposition.

Gashumba also commended the National Resistance Movement (NRM) which he says the leaders take full responsibility for the fights within the party and calms them down.

He called on the NUP president to go down tot he grassroots, meet and talk to the people that are not even involved in the politics so as to strengthen the young party and brighten its future.

He also warned the NUP that if those that were elected into power on the NUP card do not work for the people then, the party will be no more in no time because the people voted for them overwhelmingly even when they didn’t know the individual, they just voted wherever they saw an umbrella.

He also called Hon Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine to tame his supporters that abuse and insult anybody that may not agree with their ideology.

“Bobi Wine needs to address his people especially those who use his photo as their profile photo and abuse people, it shows that he commends them.”

Frank Gashumba, Sisimuka Uganda.

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