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People in government shouldn’t participate in nepotism – Nsereko

It has become a common norm for each and every person that speaks about the current ruling party and government to relate it with corruption and nepotism.

Independent member of parliament for Uganda’s capital city, Kampala, Muhammad Nsereko has this morning condemned tribalism and violence in the country and called out people that participate in nepotism.

The Kampala Area legislator, said that he doesn’t condone violence and tribalism but called upon those that practice the vices to stop.

The former NRM legislator said that it is not ethical to have only people from the same place having all the jobs and the rest walking around unemployed.

This comes at a time when the the country’s unemployment rate stands at 13.3% amongst the youths.

Unemployment on it’s own is a big problem in Uganda, but what is even a bigger problem is the increasing level of tribalism and nepotism which leads to having unqualified people in office more often than not while those that are qualified stay on the streets jobless.

Nsereko has told the people in government to stop these vices as they are pretty evident and visible to everybody.

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