Police release photos of Eddie Mutwe and Nubian Li, refute claims of torture

The Uganda Police Force has released photos of part of National Unity Platform’s presidential candidate’s team who were arrested days ago in Kalangala were he had gone to garner votes in the forth coming elections.

The photos released included that of Kyagulanyi’s close associate Bukenya Ali alias Nubian Li and that of his head of security Edward Sebufu alias Edie Mutwe.

This comes after various people made claims on social media that the two were detained and held at Masaka Barracks and allegedly tortured.

The Police thus released their photos to refute the allegations of torture that been spread out wide on social media.

The Police said that the accounts of torture were fabricated to taint the image of the forces and also capture media headlines.

The Police therefore shared their images to confute that both Eddie Mutwe and Nubian Li are in there custody and not in the Military barracks, and are well and in a good shape.

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Arnold Nkalubo
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