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Police shoot Bobi Wine’s car again.

Police have once again shot at the car of presidential candidate Hon. Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine leaving it with flat tyres.

Bobi Wine took to his social media platforms to decry the actions of the police that forced them off the main road on their way to Rwampara where the Kyadondo East legislator was scheduled to have his campaign rally.

The legislator has also reported that a number of his colleagues and members of his campaign team have been left injured during the scuffle.

This is not the first time the police and military have pushed Hon. Kyagulanyi and his campaign team off the main road and it is the second time they have shot at his vehicle and left it with flat tyres.

The legislator has also said that the Police almost always forces them off the main roads to remote villages areas where they in turn subject them to ruthlessness and torture.

The 2021 presidential hopeful has also complained about the fact that the police and military that are always trailing his campaign team are often masked and cannot be identified.

On our way to Rwampara, the same team of masked men in black police uniforms who have been trailing us on all our campaigns, cut us off the road in a remote area and shot at our car flattening the front tyres. The same police officer that fired out the shots, using his bayonet injured two of our comrades.

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