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President Museveni is likely to get a higher percentage in this election – Prof Bareebe

Prof Gerald Bareebe

Professor Gerald Bareebe has said that it is very likely that the incumbent and chairperson for the ruling party, the National Resistance Movement, Tibuhaburwa Yoweri Kaguta Museveni will win the forth coming elections.

While appearing on NBS Television’s The Morning Breeze, Bareebe said that the opposition has not done enough to reach out to voters through out the country.

“President Museveni is likely to get a higher percentage in this election because the opposition have not been able to reach out to voters.”

Prof Gerald Bareebe

Bareebe also added that much as Museveni has got very popular rivals like leader of the National; Unity Platform and the People Power movement faction, Hon. Kyagulanyi, their manifestos are not as popular.

Bareebe added that it is very hard or even impossible to find somebody who can articulate what the opposition stands for.

“I haven’t met anybody that can articulate Bobi Wine’s manifesto. We have this very popular candidate, but what is he going to do?”

Prof Gerald Bareebe

He also highlighted that much as the country needs change, it also ought to have a direction for the change.

On the Electoral Commission’s new directives more so about the Election Day, Gerald Bareebe said that the guidelines look very suspicious even when they are with good intention.

“Some of the guidelines the EC comes out with are looked at with suspicion even when they are in good faith. We know the opposition lacks the capacity to monitor all polling stations. They rely on citizens.”

Prof Gerald Bareebe

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