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Singer Vampino jailed in Jamaican prison, pleads for help

Ugandan dancehall singer Elvis Kirya aka Vampino has come out to plead for help through his Facebook page.

The singer said that he’s currently detained in a Jamaican prison and has no help.

“Uganda my peeps, help me and contact the embassy, am locked in a Jamaican cell in Montego Bay…munyambe..have no help here,” he posted.

It’s reported that Vampino earlier this month left for Jamaica to record songs with Jamaican artists Buju Banton, Romain Virgo and Elephant Man which he successfully did.

He after then flew to Los Angeles to check on his family.

He was however denied entry into the US on the 22nd September this month.

The Kwekunya kunya singer was told his Visa had some issues.

He was told that the only thing that could be done for him by the Immigration officials was to deport him back to Jamaica where he was coming from.

However, when he reached Jamaica, he was arrested and taken to Montego Bay.

News has it that the Ugandan Government and Jamaican consular to Uganda have picked up interest in the matter and paperwork is being processed to bring him back to Uganda.

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