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Social Media users are just idle – Miles Rwamiti

Miles Rwamiti (Courtesy Photo)

Former Spark Television presenter who quit being on screen to join politics last year has lashed out at social media users in Uganda and called them idle.

Miles Rwamiti who lost the Member or Parliamentary race in Hoima District had no kind words while talking about social media users who had been mocking him for his loss.

While speaking to Spark Tv during an interview, Rwamiti expressed his disappointment and disgust at the way people on Facebook were mocking for his loss in Hoima.

He added that they are just idle and because they have nothing to do, they just sit around waiting for somebody to abuse anybody that crosses their path.

“Ugandans are in a bad situation, they don’t know what to do. That’s why they are on social media waiting for someone to put up a photo and they comment abusing him.”

Miles Rwamiti, Former Spark Tv Presenter.

According to Rwamiti, it is not appropriate for people to mock individuals that have failed in pursuit of political offices and asked them to stop doing it.

He added that it is not easy to pay the nomination fee of Ug Shs. 3 million and invest heavily in campaigns.

The seemingly bitter Rwamiti called out people that wear jeans worth 7000 Shs that get to social media to abuse people with good plans simply because they have data and asked them to stop it.

“This makes politicians who have future plans feel disappointed and the ones who are sick like Hon Kato Lubwama feel bad.”

Miles Rwamiti, Former Spark Tv Presenter.

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