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Stella Nyanzi joyfully tells of how she was erotically massaged by magical German doctor

Is there anyonemore controversial on social media when it comes to do with sexuality than embattled former Makereere University Prof, Stella Nyanzi?

Despite beng 47 years, Nyanzi has never shied away from revealing her sexual fantasies with her much younger audience.

She literally throws all her dirty mind and all the wildest of things she does onto her social media pages which her followers have become accustomed to.

Nudity, wild, sexual, kinky are some of the things that can be attributed to Stella Nyanzi’ name.

In the latest series of her explicit comtent. She told of how she accidentally hurt one of the bones in her legs.

Nyanzi said that she sprained her knee and pulled a hamstring while dancing to judge Kamasanyu’s attack by thugs.

She however opted for a natural healing practitioner Egon Heckel who according to the sexuality professor has magic hands.

“And then I consulted Egon Heckel a natural healing practitioner with magic fingers. At first visit, he gave me reflexology foot thrapy, deep muscle therapy, fire treatment to release my Qi energy flow, a softer bandage and both liquid and some herbal remedies to use. Yesterday i went for my second vist. Again Egan’s magical fingers rubbed creme onto my feet, massaged the tender but stiff muscles of my calfs, used the fire cupping therapy to suck out toxic energy and did some more therapy to enhance my energy flow.” Stella Nyanzi wrote on her Facebook page.

This is not the first time the old Nalongo with saggy tits has gotten kinky on social media nor will it be the last.

She’s currently in Bavaria Germany.

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