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Teddy Bujingo won’t give up on Ex lover Pastor Bujingo.

Pastor Aloysius Bujingo’s jilted lover Teddy Bujingo has revealed how she still takes the outspoken pastor in high regard and will not given up on seducing her man back to Marriage.
Pastor Bujingo and Teddy went separate ways under acrimonious cuirmustances and the witty Bujingo found love with another woman known as Makula.

During an interview with NBS Uncut, Bujingo Teddy said she still loves her marriage no matter her husband cohabiting with another wife and is not ready to divorce as the Bible doesn’t allow divorce.

“I don’t want divorce and I keep on telling it to followers in my church, first of all I follow Jesus’ rules, I love my marriage and I still love my man, divorce isn’t allowed in Bible”

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Teddy Bujingo went ahead and suggested that her husband should be an example to his followers in church by showing responsibility to his family and help his children with finances.
“I am suggesting Pastor Bujingo being a leader he should be exemplary, he should be a good example by building his family, he should give financial support to his kids, and teaching men about their responsibilities in their homes like taking care of their kids, and taking care of their families well” Teddy Bujingo said.

This came after it is alleaged that Pastor Bujingo left his family for about three years, switching off his phones and neglecting to look after his children.

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