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The music industry has largely been affected by Covid-19 not politics – Eddie Sendi

Photo Credit: NBS Tv

Radio show host Eddie Senda has trashed claims that politics have affected the music industry more than the global pandemic (Covid-19) has done has many people claim.

The veteran entertainment analyst believes it is without a doubt that music and the entertainment industry has been affected by politics but not as much as Covid-19 actually did.

Eddie says it is not just entertainers that involved in politics and points out that those that have joined the political arena are not the first ones to do so.

Sendi made the remarks while appearing on NBS Television’s Uncut Kalakata, an entertainment focused show.

Sendi added that people should focus on the effects of Covid-19 and figure out ways to go around them and leave politics alone.

The radio presenter believes there are only a few entertainers in the political arena and their influence is not that significant save for Bobi Wine who ran for the presidential office.

He however does not like to give attention to such effects that are exaggerated. He urges artists and other entertainers to wake up and get back to being their creative selves and work so hard to revive the industry which seems to be dying away slowly.

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