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The real pigs – President Museveni releases statement about bomb attackers

The President of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has released a statement about bomb attackers calling them real pigs.

The statement was made on 16th November 2021 through President Museveni official twitter handles after the bomb blast early morning.

According to President Museveni, all these are attackers he named have Muslim names and are from the ADF group. He said this is the same group that attacked Gen Katumba Wanala in March although he survived only losing his daughter and driver.

Angry President Museveni called them pigs like he usually does and he told them that they are inviting them and he will come for them.

“The real pigs are people like Nsubuga, the so-called Sheikh that confused young people at Lweza. If blowing oneself up will send one to Jaanaa, let him blow himself up as an example instead of manipulating young children.”

” They have exposed themselves when we are more ready for urban terrorism. They will perish. Rural terrorism was defeated in 2007 in the Semliki National Park. I am referring to the dead terrorists as manipulated victims of confusion.”

We have been hunting for them since the Katumba incident.

Those killed since the Katumba incident are:

1.Nsubuga Mohammed;
3.Moses Mudasiri (the one of today);
4.Master Lubwama;
5.Juma Saidi;
6.Serwadda Juma; and
7.Amin Kawawa Mustapha.”

President Museveni is set to address the nation on Friday 19th 2021. We shall keep you updated about everything

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