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The resolution by the EU Parliament was an ambush – Ofwono Opondo

Ofwono Opondo, Government Spokesperson

Government Spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo has revealed that the relationship between most member countries of the European Union and the Uganda government is intact.

While appearing on NBS Television political show, The NBS Frontline, Ofwono Opondo revealed that the Uganda Government has got a number of ongoing engagements with different Europeans countries and thus a good relationship with EU.

“Our relationship with most EU countries is intact. We have ongoing engagements.”

Ofwono Opondo, Government Spokesperson

Opondo added that with that in consideration, the resolution by the EU parliament to propose sanctions against individuals or groups of people in Uganda was uncalled for and unexpected.

“The resolution by the EU Parliament was an ambush.”

Ofwono Opondo, Government Spokesperson

Opondo however noted that he like many other government officials were not eager to go to the EU and thus consider the sanctions as an opportunity to do more business here at home.

“At least I am not eager to go to the EU. In that context the President was right. For business, if we could do more things internally. The sanctions will help us to do more internal businesses.”

Ofwono Opondo, Government Spokesperson

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