Walusimbi Spills Uganda Music Association Secrets

Walter Walusimbi has exposed UMA’s dirty linen accusing musicians body of misusing money given to artists by the government.

During an interview with NBS Uncut Sabula, Mr. Walter said they suspended him as UMA administrator after he refused to buy the idea of using artist’s money for their own good.

Walter went ahead and revealed how the UMA Executive committee members were planning to add themselves another one year in power so that they first get the money they had requested and later leave the Association with empty coffers.

However, in the statement issued by the Uganda Musician Association president Cindy Sanyu, Mr. Walter was suspended for continuous decline in the working relationship with other committee members.

According to Walter, the reason as to why he was suspended is because he was registering young musicians which made the excutive committee members unhappy.

He adds that they excepted some money in return that they don’t wish to share with young musicians.

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