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We did not deny Barbie Kyagulanyi exit from her home – Fred Enanga

The Kyagulanyis

While speaking to the media last evening, the Uganda Police spokesperson Fred Enanga said that the military and police personnel at Hon. Kyagulanyi’s home had not stopped his wife, Barbra Itungo Kyagulanyi from exiting her home.

This followed various claims from the opposition as well as Hon Kyagulanyi Sentamu himself that he had been placed under house arrest and not allowed to leave, nor anybody else allowed to visit them.

The Police media boss said that they cautioned Kyagulanyi’s wife, Barbie Itungo prior to the elections that after the elections her husband would not be allowed to move about freely.

Enanga said that Barbie was not denied free movement but she had insisted that she could only move about with her husband as it was only him that could guarantee her safety, something the police could not fall for.

“Mrs. Barbie wasn’t denied exit from and to her home. We granted her that passage and again she gave us a condition that for her to move to go to a supermarket she needs to move with the husband”

Fred Enanga, Uganda Police Spokesperson

Enanga added that Kyagulanyi’s wife is free to go about her business but they cannot allow her husband to move out as this would probably prompt the protests that they think he would want to cause.

“We advised her that during this election aftermath we can’t allow her to move out with her husband”

Fred Enanga, Uganda Police Spokesperson

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