We used to sleep in turns – Barbra Kyagulanyi.

Bobi Wine under house arrest with wife Barbie Kyagulanyi

Barbie Kyagulanyi, wife to former presidential candidate Hon. Kyagulanyi Sentamu revealed that her and her husband took turns to sleep as she narrated their ordeal during the time they spent under house arrest in their home in Magere, Wakiso Districk.

“Me and my Husband Hon Kyagulanyi we used to sleep in turns. When he sleeps I wake up and vice versa”

Barbie Kyagulanyi

Barbie and her husband Kyagulanyi Sentamu who was the flag bearer for the National Unity Platform during the recently concluded Presidential race, cast their votes on Thursday January, 14th 2021, before retuning to their home.

Little did they know that they would be confined to their home for the next couple of weeks, with police and military surrounding their residence and no visitors at all.

Barbie revealed that when they got home, they started seeing security personnel in different kinds of attires surrounding their home but paid no attention to them since that was expected to happen on election day.

“When me and my husband Hon Kyagulanyi reached home, we started seeing the security people both in usual clothes and security uniform of different types surrounding our home. But we didn’t mind being the election day we thought they are keeping peace for Ugandans”

Barbie Kyagulanyi

Things got fishy when they noticed army vehicles carrying mobile toilets and tents and placing them just adjacent to their home’s fence. To make things worse, the internet was shut off, and their phone lines were disconnected prior to elections so they were completely in the dark about what was going on.

“For the first two days we were in dark, our yaka had chucked, the internet was shut down we had no way of buying electricity. Infact my phone was disconnected two days before internet was shut down I couldn’t make calls nor receive calls”

Barbie Kyagulanyi

She added that life was very difficult as they were not allowed to move out and with the number of security personnel within their vicinity, they could hardly sleep; so they decided to take turns sleeping.

She also revealed that they were not allowed to move out nor go to their farm/garden to get food. She, however, was grateful to God that their children were not home to experience the trauma and hardships that their parents had to endure in all those days.

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