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Winnie Nwagi Unmoved By Social Media Attacks.

Singer Nakanwagi Winfred commonly known as Winnie Nwagi has revealed how she is a face of all women who want to have a free life amidst criticsim for her scantly dressed social media photos hence unmoved by social media attacks.

This came after Winnie Nwagi was roasted by social media users for posting a video half naked.
His latest critic has been outspoken social media blogger Isma Olaxess who tore into Nwangi claiming that posting images when scantly dressed tranishes her brand
During an interview with Valentino, Winnie Nwagi said she is unbothered by naysayers who criticize her for her actions.

‘Jangu’ hit maker went ahead and said many women want to be free with their bodies like her but fear to be criticized and that’s why she will be thier face.

“Social media users like putting people down but me I am unmoved. I will continue posting my photos and I am ready to become the voice of all women out their who want to be free with their bodies” Winnie Nwagi said.

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Despite other artists getting endorsements, Winnie Nwagi said if they can’t give her endorsement because of what she does with her life, they should go mute.

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