Ykee Benda applauds Cindy Sanyu for devoted service as acting UMA President.

Musician Tugume Wycliffe commonly known as Ykee Benda has lavished praise to Cindy Sanyu for the services she has rendered since taking over as president of Uganda Musician Association.

Cindy has been the acting President, and during her tenure, she has managed to oversee marked changes.
Cindy said she will not be moved by any negative vibes from critics but rather do her work of trying unite artists together.

Recently, she managed to organize a meeting to register artists in Kampala and it was greatly attended by various established and upcoming artists.

Ykee Benda hailed Cindy for being a great leader and doing a better job than the previous presidents.

“Cindy is doing a good job because we wouldn’t want the mistakes done by us to be repeated by the next president. It is a very good thing that she is moving the association forward. She has put the association at a better level than I left it,” he said during an interview with Spark TV.

Ykee Benda, who took over from Sophie Gombya,threw in a towel as UMA president citing infighting.
He was later replaced by Cindy Sanyu as acting president.

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