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You can’t have a democracy with army representatives in Parliament – Sulaiman Kakaire

Sulaiman Kakaire

Senior Journalist Sulaiman Kakaire has said that it is impossible for a country like Uganda to attain the ideal and required level of democracy while the army still has representatives in parliament.

He made these remarks while appearing on NBS Television’s morning show The Morning Breeze as they discussed issues of national interest post-election season in Uganda.

Kakaire made the remarks in response to here-say allegations from the NRM government that the elections in Uganda signify how democratic the country is.

Presence of army representatives in parliament compromises the freedoms of the legislators to discuss and make decisions for the common people without the interference of the forces according to Kakaire.

“You can’t have a democracy with army representatives in Parliament.”

Sulaiman Kakaire

He added that the presence of the army also forces the legislators to take a different direction from that which they should have taken in the first place if the army were not present.

He made reference to the events that unfolded during the discussion and passing of the dreaded Age-Limit Bill where the army intervene to change the outcomes of the debates in parliament.

“We saw it during agelimit where the army intervened to change the outcome.”

Sulaiman Kakaire

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