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You Will Be Killed – Gashumba Warns Public Ahead Of Polls

Renown motivational speaker Frank Gashumba has asked the public to behave or else risk to be killed during the elections.

Uganda will hold both Presidential and MP elections on January, 2021.

“On January 14, your life is not going to change, its the life your new member of Parliament that will change, so go slow, don’t die because of politics,” Gashumba said while appearing on NBS TV gossip show Uncut on Friday.

“Your MP will get Sh30m a month, a new car and his family be insured. ‘Webereremu.’ Don’t be violent, you will be killed. However, its your right to vote, and go vote on whoever you want.

“Museveni has deployed the army in many parts of Africa like South Sudan and Ethiopia, so don’t think that he can fail to keep peace in Kampala.”

Gashumba recently at NBS Uncut show

He asked the families to keep their children at home after Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine took his family to Canada.

Recently, a photo of Bobi Wine’s family at Entebbe Airport went viral.

“Bobi Wine has a right to take his family anywhere he wants,” Gashumba commented.

“He took his family to safety and there is no problem with that because they are not voters.

“Most of you remember that Museveni’s family was in Kenya and later taken to Sweden as he went in the Bush.

“Bobi’s family is safe, now its about you to warn your children as well. You can even take them to the village. I am a parent and I know what it takes to raise a child.”

“So, starting from Monday, keep your children at home.”

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