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VIDEO: Zari lashes out for being called a sugar mom to toy boy Shakib

Socialite Zari Hassan has lashed out at critics who keep calling her a sugar mommy to her without a doubt much younger boyfriend Shakib Lutaaya.

The mother of 5 who is in the country together with Shakib for her All White party wondered why men never face such criticism.

Zari said that a lot of men always go for much younger girls who are even underage.

It’s therefor surprising that they never get questioned or criticized so heavily like herself.

Zari complained about these double standards before adding that thr age difference between her and Shakib is not a lot and people should stop making a fuss out of it.

She revealed that he’s 30 and she’s 42 which is not so much of a big difference.

The socialite was also over the moon after Shakib referred to her as Mrs Lutaaya and added how he’s going to love her for eternity.

Zari who has clearly been in many relationships and marriages that have all miserably failed all looked smitten by Shakib’s words like it was the first time she was hearing them.

Written by Aine Siggy

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