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VIDEO: Karitas Kario is Bobi Wine’s side chic – Isma Olaxees

For some time now, social media blogger Isma Olaxees has gone ahead to show that his differences with NUP principal and singer Bobi Wine can’t be amended.

Isma has now shockingly alleged how female singer Karitas Kario is Bobi Wine’s side chic.

According to Jjaja Ichuli Barbie is the main chic whereas Karitas is the side meat.

Isma further alleged that whenever Bobi Wine travels to the US, chewing Karitas Kario is part of his mission.

It should be recalled that Karitas Kario’s music career was as good as dead thus relocating to the US.

She’s absolutely a very gorgeous young woman and one wouldn’t fault the ghetto gladiator if Isma’s allegations are anything to go by.

Furthermore, Isma said that being that Barbie has grown and is a responsible woman, there are certain things she can’t do to Bobi Wine which he termed modern s3x which Karitas Kario does.

Karitas Kario is a really diehard Bobi Wine and NUP fan.

A run through her social media pages shows how she’s so much into anything related to Bobi Wine as she shares and reposts the Bada singer’s content.

For now it’s not clear whether Isma’s allegations are based on facts done by him or his political differences with Bobi Wine.

We shall however keep you updated.

Written by Aine Siggy

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