Shift the energy your putting on me to Rickman – Crysto Panda to Sheilah Gashumba

Singer and media personality has replied Sheilah Gashumba saying she should shift the energy she is putting on him to her boyfriend and artist Rickman Manrick.

This came after Sheilah Gashumba said Crysto Panda is talented but what kills his talent is to jump on trending words in Uganda to create a song.

In an interview with a local radio station, Crysto Panda said Sheilah Gashumba should stop minding about his music and he thinks its time the energy she is putting on him to transfer it to Rickman.

“I heard Sheilah Gashumba saying I jump on trending words and that’s what kills my music career. I think I have been doing music without her knowledge I request her to shift the energy she is putting on me to her artist and boyfriend Rickman,” Crysto Panda said.

Before Sheilah Gashumba started dating with Rickman and deciding to manage him, Rickman is one of the artists in Uganda that have been building their music career through trending words.

Written by Aine Siggy

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