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VIDEO: Pia Pounds and Eng Moses Magogo are a like

There is a popular downtown saying that goes “gwe wooma osirike” loosely translated for just be sweet and keep quiet.

Well it seems the case with singer Pia Pounds who celebrated her birthday yesterday.

And if you thought that it was only FUFA president Eng Moses Magogo who received a brand new Range Rover on his birthday from wife Anita Among, you got it all wrong.

Singer Pia Pounds who also saw her birthday fall by yesterday received a brand new Range Rover gift.

This has a customized number plate of her name Pia Pounds inked in it.

It’s not yet clear whether the singer bought it herself or if it was gifted to her.

However, most of her fans believe that it was a gift as the singer’s music doesn’t look like one to generate such.

But all in all happy birthday to the Tupate singer.

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